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What makes eFa

Note this page is still an work in progress not all items are listed here!

Software Used

The eFa appliance use the following software, see the documentation page of the software/package to see what changes have been made.

Name Function Package Version
CentOS System OS CentOS Website 6.7 x64
Postfix MTA Postfix Website 3.0.4
MailScanner Core Spam Filter MailScanner Website 4.84
SpamAssassin Spam Filter SpamAssassin Website 3.3.1
ClamAV Virusscanner ClamAV Website 0.99.3
MailWatch Webinterface Mailwatch Website 1.2.0 dev
DCC Content Filter DCC Website 1.3.154
Pyzor Spam detection network Pyzor Website 0.5.0
Razor Spam detection network Razor Website 2.84
SQL Grey Grey listing SQL grey Website 1.8.0
ImageCeberus Image Recognition ImageCeberus Website 1.0
Webmin System Management Webmin Website 1.770
Munin System Graphs Munin Website
EFA-Configure Configuration eFa Project
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