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How did eFa start?

After using ESVA for a long time the ESVA project died, a few restarts were attempted by the community but none of them really got through, because we were in need of a new spam filter we had build our own spam filter using just open-source tools, after a while we decided to create a virtual-machine and release the build script we used for the community to enjoy, this has become eFa

Why should I use eFa?

If you don't want to spend hours and hours to configure your own spam filter or want to spend allot of money on a comercial spam filter then eFa is a good alternative. The downloadable virtual machine is a 'out-of-the-box' working spam filter that should protect your mail server to almost all spam.

Are there alternatives?

If you want a complete out-of-the-box-product, then you can choose for one of the many commercial products. However, if you are looking for a open-source out-of-the-box-product, eFa is one of its kind.

How can I contact you?

eFa is an joined project by volunteers, you can contact us using the forums on IRC: channel: #efa-project, or on Slack


What firewall ports are needed?

I am unable to import the Hyper-V image

No longer applicable


How do I get started?


Can I upgrade ESVA to eFa?


Sadly no, due to the huge amount of changes/upgrades etc it is not possible to upgrade ESVA to eFa

However, some tools are available to migrate from ESVA to eFa

Can I upgrade eFa 0.x to eFa 4.x?

Sadly no, as eFa 4 is based on a completely different setup there is no upgrade path possible.


What happened to eFa 0.3

eFa 0.3 was based on Debian and the Baruwa 1.x web interface, sadly Baruwa decided to stop development on Baruwa 1.x and move on to an new system. We tried to implement the new Baruwa interface but lots of request came in for the MailWatch interface, for that reason we decided to stop using Baruwa and move over to an completely new setup based on MailWatch.

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