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All development of eFa is stored on Github:

Help out with development

If you want to help with the development of eFa please register on the forums and send an Personal Message (PM) to darky83 on the forums.

Or contact 'darky83' on our IRC Channel:

  • Server:
  • Channel: #efa-project

All coding is currently done in Bash and a little PHP and CGI, as we are just mere 'Sysadmins' and not programmers. Your input on code optimisation is highly appreciated.

If you have become a member of the development team you probably get access to the development page.


If you find any bugs or security issues, please use the issue tracker on GitHub or an post message in the appropriate bugs forum.

About the setup

eFa exists out of an combination of software, we hardly do any coding of programs ourself we try to combine existing open-source packages into an good working combination.

We do however write shell/bash scripts to make this combination and create some RPM packages to ease up the installation and building of images.

The following page describes every item used and customised to make the eFa project appliance:

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