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Follow the following instructions to import E.F.A. in VMware.

  1. Downloaded the correct file and extracted the .zip file on your computer.
  2. Launch vcenter.
  3. Select 'File' from the menu and choose, 'Deploy OVF Template…'
  4. Browse to the OVF file extracted from the .zip file.
  5. Press 'Next' on the details page.
  6. Give the new VM a name (for example EFA-spamfilter001.domain.local)
  7. Select your disk format, Thick Provision is recommended for performance reasons (high volume machine's) but requires the full 30GB of drive space, for testing or low volume Thin Provision should be good enough
  8. Select your network connections.
  9. And finally you will get a summary screen.
  10. Your VM is ready to go!

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