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  1. Downloaded the correct file and extracted the .zip file on your computer.
  2. Launch your Hyper-V manager
  3. Select ‘Action’ from the menu and choose, ‘import Virtual Machine’.

  4. Press Next on the first screen.

  5. Specify the E.F.A.3 folder you extracted from the .zip file.

  6. Select the E.F.A.3 virtual machine to import.

  7. Select ‘Copy the virtual machine(create a new unique ID)’ and press Next.

  8. Store the virtual machine on your proffered location (in the example image D:\VirtualMachines)

  9. Store the disk on your preferred location (in the example image: D:\VirtualMachines)

  10. Click finish at the final menu

  11. When the image is imported make sure you go into settings and check that your network adapter is set correctly:

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