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It is possible to run E.F.A. on a VPS that only grants you the option to do a bare installation of CentOS.

Note that this is only for experienced users and should be avoided for normal usage unless you really have to.

Warning: Building E.F.A. should only be done by users with extensive Linux knowledge.


You will need the following requirements:

  • Centos 6 x64 minimal installation pre-installed
    • If you have the option partition the disk as:
      • 512MB EXT3 /boot
      • LVM Physical volume for the rest (call it vg_00):
        • 8GB / (call it lv_root)
        • 10GB /tmp (call it lv_tmp)
        • 4GB SWAP (call it lv_swap)
        • xxGB /var (call it lv_var) (the reset of your disk space)
  • Atleast 30GB of harddrive space
  • 4GB memory
  • Active internet connection (About 0.5 ~ 1GB will be downloaded, depending on the needed updates.)
  • Root access
  • Free access over the internet (minimum is http/https access)
  • A bunch of free time

Start building

  1. Make sure you have root access to the system and login as the root user (or su - root)
  2. Make sure the system is fully updated:
    1. yum -y update
  3. Install wget & screen:
    1. yum -y install wget screen
  4. Get the installation script:
  5. Make the script executable:
    1. chmod 700 prepare-build-without-ks.bash
  6. Start a screen session:
    1. screen
  7. Start the installation:
    1. ./prepare-build-without-ks.bash
  8. The system is now installed, depending on the speed of your internet connection and the speed of the system this can take a while, so sit back and let it run.

After building

After building the system you will need to follow the normal Initial Configuration.

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